30 Days of Thanks- Day 4

Today I am thankful for my jobs. All 3 of them. At times it can be difficult to keep my schedule straight and I often find myself looking at my calendar and text messages many times a day to make sure I am at the right place at the right time. Although it can be hectic at times, I would never dream of changing it (Unless it was to add another job). 
I get to work for two amazing families and a wonderful church. My time is spent playing Pokemon, watching Alvin! and the Chipmunks, getting beat playing Wii Tennis and Baseball, reading books and so much more. Yes, there are times that I have to be the "mean one" and send someone to time out, tell them "No", or break up an argument, but that is all part of the job. 
Nothing could change the how it feels when the kids see you and they get excited. Being able to work with these kids and being part of their lives is one thing I will always be grateful for. 

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