4th of July Cupcakes

The 4th of July brings fireworks, fun outside, camping, and cookouts. What would a cookout be with out a yummy dessert. This year for our family cookout I've decided to make Red, White, and Blue cupcakes. 

For my cupcakes and frosting I used:
Boxed White Cake Mix
Red and Blue Food Coloring
For the frosting I used:
2 cups Heavy Whipping Cream
1/8 cup Powder Sugar
2 drops of Orange Extract (or flavor of your choice)

Make the cake mix according to its directions.
Evenly separate the cake mix into three parts.
In one bowl add red food coloring and in another add blue food coloring until you get the color you desire. The third bowl will be left white.

Layer the colors into the muffin tins until each is about 3/4 full.

Bake according the the backing time and temperature on the cake mix.
Once done, let them cool before you frost them.

Before you make the frosting it is important that you freeze the bowl and hand mixer attachments.
In the cold bowl, pour the 2 cups of heavy whipping cream. 
Mix until the cream begins to foam.
Add the powder sugar and extract and continue to mix.
As you mix, the cream will begin to thicken. 
Mix until small peaks begin to form in the frosting. 
At this point, if you want to add coloring this is where you would add it.
Mix until the color is completely incorporated. 

Once the cupcakes are cool frost them any way your like. I use a piping bag because that is what I find to be the easiest for me. 

I hope you enjoy your cupcakes and have a wonder 4th of July.
Happy 4th of July !


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