Easy Headband Updo

Being a full time college student and working, finding time to do my hair every morning can be difficult. Most days I just end up putting my hair into ponytail and calling it done. Other days, I will actually take the time to do my hair. My favorite go to hair style is an easy way to keep my hair pulled back but still looking cute. 

For this hairstyle you will need a headband and some bobby pins.

To start, make a part starting at your hair line, about an inch long. This part can be in the middle or off to one side. It depends on what you prefer.

Place the headband on top of all your hair. Putting the headband on this way makes twisting the hair easier. At this point I like to take a few bobby pins to pin the band to my hair to make sure it stays in place all day. 

Starting closest to your face, twist the hair back and tuck it underneath the band. Do this on both sides until the twists meet at the back of your head.  Then fold up and tuck the remaining hair into the headband. 

After all your hair is twisted back, use the bobby pins to pin any pieces into place that may be to short to fit in the twist. When pinning the hair into the twist, you may also want to pin the hair to the band to keep the twist in place all day and that is it. Easy and simple but also cute. 

This hair style works great on straight or curly hair and second day hair. Its easy to do if your running late or just want a simple way to do your hair.

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