Good-Bye 2014!

Dear 2014,
You have been an okay year. You were not the greatest year but you also were not the worst year.  However, I will say that I was not sad to say good-bye to you. You brought with you some amazing times and memories and some not so great times and memories. 2014 started out by teaching me the true definition of "freezing cold".  That was something I could have lived without. Then in May, you once again handed to my family the cards of pain and grief of losing a loved one. Because of that, I will always hate you, 2014.  As the year went on, some new friendships started, some friendships grew and some ended. For each of those friendships that started, grew, or ended, I will always be thankful for. Over the summer, you brought me an amazing father/daughter trip to one of our favorite places to visit and a new place we can not wait to visit again. On this trip, I learned that being in the car for 14+ hours is not a good idea and I should probably have gotten out of the car to walk around. Then you brought another stressful but good semester at school. The semester consisted of long days, fun classes, new friends, and difficult lessons but overall it was good. The year slowly came to an end with the holidays. Thanksgiving came and went in the blink of an eye along with Christmas Eve and Christmas. Although they are all filled with family, friends, and good times I'm glad they are over. Just like you, 2014, I'm glad you are over. Here's to you, 2014, another year that has come and gone way to fast.

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