To be completely honest, I have no idea why I have decided to start this blog.  I've thought about it for a long time, came up with different ideas, but I was never really able to expand on those individual ideas. The different ideas I have had for this blog have ranged anywhere for beauty to food and recipes to simply living a better life to friends and family. Since I wasn't able to decide on just one topic and go with it (I'm a very indecisive person!), I have decided to blog about a little bit of everything. Life isn't just about one thing, it's about a variety of things. So why should I focus on just one area of interest for my blog?

Going with the theme of having no idea, I have no idea where to really begin. I'm thinking I should probably start with letting you know a little bit about me. Here goes nothing:

  • My name is Jessica. 
  • I'm 21 years old. 
  • I will be starting my third year at the local Junior College.
  • Family and friends are a big part of my life. 
  • I love crafting. 
  • I am very shy.
  • I love to cook and bake.
Obviously as these blog post go on, the opportunity to learn more about me will be presented. However, as this does happen, I want everyone to keep in mind, I'm just me. I'm not someone special. I'm a 21 year old college student who has decided to share stuff that I love with the world. I understand that no one may ever read this or maybe a handful of people will. Who knows? I'm sharing the beauty tips, recipes, crafts, and other posts in case someone needs an idea for a Christmas present or different recipe for dinner. Some posts maybe just for someones reading pleasure.

As for my first post, I think this is a good start. If you take anything from any of my posts, from this first one and any post in the future, I want it to be that each and every person has a story to tell. That story includes your past, present, and future. You can't go back and change your past (unless you're a time traveler), so live for your present and future. Make each moment of your life count.

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